Trax, a GPS tracker for children and pets

Trax is a tiny GPS-tracker that can be located practically anywhere, at any time. Just launch the mobile app and you'll see the tracker moving in real time on a map. Create safe zones, (GEO-fences) get notified about fast movements and keep track of distances. Trax is water resistant, packed with the latest technology and comes with two years of free roaming.


Trax is all about your loved ones being safe – and it could very well be the most important product you're buying this year.

The Trax app

Easy to use

Trax comes with a free app that is intuitive and easy to use. With one push on the app you will be able to locate your trackers in real-time.

The application will be available for free, on the "App store" and "Google Play".

Main view

In the main view you can quickly get all the information you need. We made it easy for you to locate all features in just one click on the screen.

A radial menu is placed in the lower part of the screen where you can find features like: "Geofences", "Map settings" and "Add tracker".

The menu in the left corner is where you find "Settings", "Shop", "List of Trackers", "Alerts" and social features like posting to Facebook, etc.

The Trax app has four different types of geofences to match all different kinds of situations. You can change the style or the size at any time by a simply touching and dragging with your finger anywhere on the edge of the geofence.
Types of geofences include:
﷯Rectangular geofence
﷯Proximity geofence
﷯Polygonal geofence
﷯Freehand geofence

Augmented reality

We believe in making things easy. If you find it hard to know what direction to go when your in a hurry to find your child or pet. Simply flip the phone to a standing position or tap the icon in the upper right corner of the app.

The  screen automatically splits into two parts. The camera will start and by moving your phone, you’ll be able to see in which direction and how far away your tracker is.

The Trax has an accuracy of 1,5 to 3 meters!

That’s what we call simple!

Trax in media

Parents who want a little extra peace of mind will love Trax.

For tracking devices, the first one I'd recommend is Trax.

For those worrisome moments when parents trying to keep an eye on a child playing in the garden, for example, suddenly discover that he or she isn’t there.

The tiny and smart GPS tracker that locates your Children and Pets using an intuitive App

One of the holy grails of the CES show for us

Trax- GPS device lets parents track
children’s movements like Marauder’s Map

Trax will allow users more control than other GPS devices before it.

What is in the box

Our clip-through is made so that you can easily snap Trax on to a t-shirt or a summer dress.

Our regular clip is not regular at all! It is small, light, durable and very easy to attach to a shirt collar or a belt. Look at our pictures below and see how you can attach Trax in a smart way!

(The clip through attachment is included)

Key features

Locate from anywhere

Trax is the most technologically advanced personal GPS locator and it has an accuracy of amazingly, 1.5 – 3 meters.

Size does matter

Trax is one of the smallest GPS-
locator products on the market, in both
size and weight.

Smart Technology

Built with the most reliable tracking technology, allows Trax to navigate indoors, without the use of satellite signals.


Create your own safe zones to receive
alerts whenever the Trax device enters or
exits those areas.

Speed Alerts

Trax also tracks speed.
Set a speed limit and you will be alerted if the device exceeds that speed.

Push Notifications

Allows you to quickly find out everything you need to know about your Trax devices.

Rechargeable Battery

Trax last 2-4 days on an average with a single charge, you receive an alert when your Trax is low on battery.

Use your Trax abroad

Your Trax is equipped with a SIM-card.  It ships with two years of free data and roaming in more than 30 countries. this way you can use Trax when you travel without extra charges.

(Roaming fees on your smartphone is not included, but we offer partner solutions in our webshop)

A sturdy device

Durable and water resistant plastic case
that withstands water splashing, mud,
snow and a hot summer day.

So, what are you waiting for?

Order Your Trax today!



Stay tuned with the latest Trax updates!

Trax is a product from WTS-Wonder Technology Solutions, please visit us for more info >>